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We've spent years teaching and perfecting this beginner photography class to hundreds of people across Canada, and now you can purchase the fully revamped online version of the Beginner Photography Starter Pack!

Check out our new education website www.myillumi.com for more details. 

This class made my intimidating DSLR easy to navigate. I received plenty of useful photography theory to make my own intelligent, creative choices and I loved how we began applying it literally minutes into the class.
— Jonathan Gonyou

For me, learning about aperture and depth of field has made it so much fun to take pictures. My photos have been getting so many compliments! Thanks for taking us out during the course to work through what we had learned and see the possibilities my camera could give me with the different settings. It was also amazing to see what happened with the pictures during the post-processing portion too! Thanks again!
— Judy

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