Beginner Photography Classes // A Beautiful Day

The forecast said it would rain, rain, rain.. and then we had the most beautiful spring day you could imagine. A few Sundays ago I had the pleasure of teaching our Beginner Photography Class to the seven awesome women below. It was a great afternoon of learning and shooting.

But now I'm a bit annoyed...


Why? Well when I put this class together I told myself (and the rest of the world) that this would be the last Beginner Class I would teach due to how busy our schedules are now a days. The annoying part is that I really really enjoy teaching people photography and honestly don't want to stop. Showing people how to take control of the photographic process, how to pre visualize your shot, how to look for leading lines and points of interest, to turn off those auto modes on their cameras and go full manual ... the list goes on. I love it.

So all this is to say that I am going to be teaching more Beginner Photography Classes in the future...because I want to. :)

I'm not sure when the next one will be, but if you're interested in attending just shoot us an email through our connect page and we'll notify you when it's announced!