Beginner Photography Classes with Ryan and Beth!

We're really excited to announce this years Beginner Photography Classes! Sharing the fundamentals of great, creative photography is something we absolutely love to do, so we're looking forward to another awesome day of fun and photographic goodness!

So here's the rundown:

Who is this class for? This class is for people who want to capture the world around them in a beautiful, striking and creative way using their digital cameras.

What will I learn? The key elements of creating great, meaningful photographs 1. being there and being ready 2. seeing the light (how your camera sees it) 3. knowing your gear and how to take control of it; which includes how to shoot manually, learning what aperture, shutter and ISO really do for you and the image YOU want to capture/create, and how to choose the right equipment 4. post processing like a pro (how to take a good photo and make it incredible!)

Why choose this class over others?

The great thing about this class is that what we are teaching will be very useful information to both beginners as well as more advanced shooters. Everything that we are teaching comes from our own experience as working professional photographers as well as from what we've picked up in the classes we've attended over the years, hosted by some of the best photographers in the world. So there's lots to learn for everyone!

Small Class Sizes! You won't be stuck in a pack of 200 other students, sitting 50 feet away from your instructors. We cap our classes at 12 people which puts you right in the action and gives you plenty of opportunities to ask questions and have first hand instruction throughout the class.

We get you out of your seat - camera in hand - to begin putting your new knowledge to use straight away! Forget about the classrooms and notepads for a while and join us for a real world photo walk.

Four solid hours of classroom/shooting time and a small 12 person class size makes for an incredible learning environment!

What do I need to bring? - a digital camera that has the ability to be fully controlled by the photographer - This includes all DSLR cameras (the ones with interchangeable lenses) and any digital camera with a full manual control setting. - your cameras owners manual - this isn't an absolute necessity, but it may come in handy! - any lenses or flashes that you'd like to use though out the class - a note pad and pen (or a laptop if you're feeling fancy, but keep in mind that we'll be heading outside of the classroom for a portion of the class)

Where? The Woodvale Golf and Country Club which is located at 4540-50st in Edmonton Alberta

When? There's two class times to choose from, both on Sunday March 4th, 2012 9AM - 1PM ONLY A COUPLE OF SEATS LEFT! or 2PM - 6PM REGISTRATION CLOSED

If the last classes were any indication, these seats will sell out FAST! Click the BUY NOW button below that corresponds with which class time you would like.

Beginner Photography Classes with Ryan + Beth Photographers! Sunday March 4th, 2012

This class has already come and gone, but don't worry we'll be announcing new classes soon!