It's on, Groupon!

Wow everybody, what a crazy and awesome week it's been! The Beginner Photography Class Groupon was a big success and we're thrilled with how excited everyone is for the sessions! If you were one of the lovely people who bought one of the Groupons, be sure to email us using the contact form to book your spot. There's 3 days and 9 class times to choose from, but they're filling up fast so the sooner you get booked in, the better! Beth and I have both been manning the computers, responding to all the time spot requests as they come in, so if you've sent one off to us but haven't heard back after 48 hours or so, just send another one incase it didn't go through. If you have any questions at all about the class, feel free to email us anytime.

We can't wait to meet everyone!