Ryan + Beth Photographers 2010 Review! The Year of Clarity

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2010. If there was one word I would use to describe the previous year that so quickly rushed past, it would be...


I'll explain in a minute.

Here's a little "Best-Of" slideshow from some of the incredible weddings we shot in the last 12 months. We tried to keep it small but... you might want to grab some popcorn (104 images). It kind of follows the order of a wedding, starting with some cool detail shots, photos of some spectacular brides on one of the biggest days of their lives, followed by the guys, ceremony, formals and into some sweet reception details, dancing and fun!

There you have it! If you made it all the way though, I give you a big virtual pat on the back :-)

So why a word like "clarity"? What was so crystal clear about 2010?

Well, you know those moments in your life when you decided to start a journey, one where you had no idea what the outcome might be? A journey that you knew would require a massive amount of hard work and yet still may not yield the fruits of your labor ( I never thought I'd have the chance to use "fruits of your labor" in a sentence on this blog! Or anywhere...). Well that was the kind of journey Beth and I embarked on two and a half years ago when we said ciao to our "pay-the-bills day jobs" and took our photography studio on as our full time occupations (with a newborn baby and lots of bills to pay).

We started the business because we really enjoy photography (that's a given), we're driven to be creative, and we love a challenge. But there was never that feeling of knowing exactly why we went down the road we did, no solid purpose that would tie everything together had presented itself until a few months back.

I think we're all well aware that there's a lot of people on this planet who could use a helping hand. Whether the need is for clean drinking water, for school supplies (or just having a school at all) or for people to step up and fight human trafficking. The urgent need for assistance and relief has never been greater. We want to get involved.

To try and make this long story as short as possible, Beth and myself have always felt as though international relief work was somewhat of a calling for us, and now we see that becoming professional photographers has not only equipped us to effectively and artistically tell the stories of people here in North America, but to hopefully use those same skills to bring awareness to needs around the globe. We want to show people just what these awesome relief organizations are doing out in the field.

Without some kind of visual feedback for an extremely media centred society like North America (visual media centred especially), it can be difficult to connect the dots between giving $50 and saving lives. We want to connect the people in need with the people who want to help. That's the idea anyway and we would love to see it happen.

Where will all this lead our little family of four? Who knows. The start of this new trail has become crystal clear, but the rest of the path is still pretty foggy. I think we're getting used to that though :)


We are really looking forward to 2011 and all the exciting things it's sure to bring! We'll be sharing all the weddings, portrait shoots and photographer tips right here on this blog site, so stay tuned.

Here's to 2011!