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The E-Session || Kim and Dustin

We've been meaning to do a shoot around the 96st and Jasper Ave area for a while now, so when Kim and Dustin mentioned they wanted a downtown/urban feel for their e-session photos we jumped at the chance. It's an awesome area with great light! Kim and Dustin were naturals in front of the camera and we're pretty pumped to show these shots off. Have a look see!

The E-Session! - Kylie and Lane's Country Engagement Session!

Man oh man. Check out the last few portrait sessions on the front page of this site. Incredible couples, incredible locations, incredible light... what more could a couple of photographers ask for? Nothing. Well..maybe that new iPhone... but I digress.

Check out Kylie and Lane's E-Session pics! They were awesome and Kylie's parents acreage was the perfect spot for some fall photo ops.

Hey look, it's Beth!

The E-Session - LeBao and Tongs University of Alberta Engagement Session!

I think it should be a law that you can't shoot an engagement session without a scooter! LeBao and Tong are such a fun couple, and having the beautiful University of Alberta campus as our backdrop made this E-Session one of our favs of the year! Check it out.

Even got a little wind in the hair! Nice.

We are SO looking forward to their wedding this coming May!

We've got a few other shoots coming up on the blog that you won't want to miss, so check back again soon!