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Pucker Up

We just started offering albums from an incredible book maker called Kiss Wedding Books and last week we got our first books delivered to our door! The ones you see here are actually headed right off to one of our favorite couples from 2009 (Dana and Nic), but we just had to get a couple shots to post on the blog. KISS is such a unique company in the book/album world because they keep-it-simple (yes their name actually refers to keep it simple stupid :-)). They keep the options list short and sweet and really focus on being the best at what they do: making simple, square albums that last for generations. The thing we like most about Kiss is the incredible print quality, the colors are rich, the images are nice and sharp. Just beautiful.

So the ones you see here are the 10"x10" Soft Kiss and the 4"x4" Little Kiss.

First off, check out the awesome, fitted cloth bags they come in



Dana and Nic went with "Redlight Red" for the color. There's seven colors to choose from(all with saucy names, of course)


Check out the seamless lay-flat binding. This lets us design from corner to corner without worrying about part of the image being lost in the seam. Love it.


Here's another great example. We could never design a full spread like this with a traditionally bound album


I know it's hard to tell on a computer screen, but the amount of detail in the print is outstanding. Yay!


We've got two more on the way and one of them is a "Hard Kiss" which means it has a full grain leather cover and thicker pages then the Soft Kiss. We can't wait to see it(and better yet, we actually get to keep the next one)!


If you're interested in getting your hands on one of these puppies, give us a call, we'll hook you up!