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A BIG Album For a Big Wedding

So some incredibly awesome wedding albums arrived today from Kiss Wedding Books! These three albums were designed for Saba and Keith's wedding, which had three days of coverage from Beth and myself. There was plenty of story to tell so these albums ended up having 80 pages! They're huge. The shipping weight on the box said 14 pounds...

The white album is a 12"x12", the red parent album is an 8"x8" and the tiny red one is a 4"x4". All three share identical design.

Check them out! If you'd like one of these for your own wedding or portrait session just let us know and we'll hook you up!

The Big Day: Jessica and Avtar! Part 1 of 2

It was one seriously early morning on Saturday - the waking up at 4:30am kind of early to be exact - but knowing what an incredible day we had in store definitely helped get our butts out of bed :) Jessica and Avtars wedding day was full of colour, family, traditions, love and lots of fun. Both of their families welcomed us into their homes with open arms and we had such a great day! Here's a small selection of our favourites from Saturday.

Oh and keep in mind that there's lots more to come from Sunday, so check back later for much more! Friends and family of Jessica and Avtar can click HERE to sign up to be notified when all the photos (including the sweet photobooth photos) are online and ready for viewing/ordering.

After a little bartering Avtar paid his way into Jessica's parents place

What a day! Come on back for part 2!

A huge thanks to Dylan Maclean for assisting/3rd shooting with us!

The Sneak Peek: Avtar and Jessica's Wedding!

What an incredible wedding! Make sure to check back on Wednesday evening for the full post with LOADS of images from the past two days. But for now here's a quick little sneak preview :-) To always keep up to date on the latest and greatest hit the "Subscribe" button on the right side of the menu.

Guests from the wedding can sign up to be notified when all the photos (including all the sweet PHOTOBOOTH shots) are ready to view and order. Simply click HERE to sign up!