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The E-Session: Alyse and Robbie!

Meet Alyse and Robbie: Two fun and adventurous people in love, who definitely have a soft spot in their hearts for the mountains. When we first sat down with them a few months back, one of the first things they mentioned was that they'd love to have their engagement shoot done in the rockies, and fortunately enough we were in Lake Louise the same weekend they were in Jasper for a friends wedding! They made the drive to Lake Louise and things couldn't have turned out better. We headed up to Moraine Lake on Sunday afternoon for some scenic photo session goodness and here's some of our favs!

These two are TROOPERS. Notice the snow and ice still lingering around? That's because it was still quite cold with the wind coming off the mountains. But that didn't stop Alyse and Robbie from kicking off the sandals and heading into the

That water was COLD.

After going for a dip, we headed up to higher elevations. We climbed all the way to the top wearing sandals and dress shoes! Not to mention a pile of camera gear :-)

These little guys were everywhere! The funny thing is that this was pretty much the extent of the wildlife that we saw the whole weekend.

This lovely shot of Beth was taken about half way down our decent. Hi Beth!

Impromptu snowball fight!