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E-Session // Linda and Daniel's Mountain Engagement Session

It was quite the weekend! After a quick drive down to Canmore I met up with Linda and Daniel (who are such an awesome couple) to photograph them in one of their favourite places in the world. The next day we hiked up a mountain which overlooked Peyto Lake... I was nearly speechless (probably because I could barely breath...), so it was a good thing I had a giant camera around my neck to show you all a little slice of how beautiful it was. After hanging out, drinking tea, eating breakfast and going an epic big hike in search of the perfect shot, I'm more excited than ever for Beth and myself to shoot Linda and Daniels wedding this September!


Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-2 Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-3 Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-4 Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-5 Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-6 Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-7 Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-8 Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-9 Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-10 Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-11 Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-12 Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-13 Canmore-Wedding-Photographer-14


The tech info: Mamiya 645 / Zeiss Ikon ZM / Fuji 400H / Portra 400 / Frontier Scan