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The Big Day - Kevin and Courtney!

Being that Kevin and Courtney live in Texas, the last time we saw them before the week of there wedding was back at Christmas, when we shot their engagement session... and it was somewhere around minus 30 outside. Thankfully things warmed up a little before this past weekend! :) Their wedding was awesome and it was so cool to see so many people come in from around the world to show their support for the two newly weds.I seem to have trouble narrowing things down for wedding blog posts lately... so there's a lot to see! Enjoy.

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Every now and then when Beth or myself walks into a completely different lighting situation then where we were before, we occasionally forget to change the settings on our camera before we take the first shot, so one photo might be a bit off in the exposure category. I noticed this "under exposed" shot while going through all the photos and I really liked it! We've another version of this photo that's "properly exposed" but hey... what's life without a little artistic licence?? Ooooo moody :)

After everyone had finished getting ready, it was time for the first look!

Ya...that's a big wedding party.

Courtney's Mom :)

Part way through the night, a Ukrainian dance group came out and wowed everybody in attendance. They were SO good! We've photographed a lot of East Indian weddings over the years and seen some incredible performances at those, but dang, the Ukrainians now hold top spot for best wedding dance performance over here at Ryan + Beth Photographers! :)

I think I'll call this next photograph.... "Mary Poppins"

It was high flying Ukrainian madness!!!

Then it was Kevin and Courtney's turn to hit the dance floor.

Party on.

That was a really fun day! Thanks again to Kevin and Courtney and congratulations!