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Family // Tom's Fourth Birthday

I've heard the term "old soul" many times in my life, but I've never associated it with anyone I've known personally - that is, until Tom was born. He may have just turned four, but when I think of the way he goes about his life and as I try to write down what makes Tom...Tom, I can't help but feel those descriptors portray an old, wise, caring man. 

The way he takes time with his thoughts and his words.

The way he musters up the courage to go first into the dark, terrifying upstairs hallway at bedtime (that is surely teeming with monsters).

The way he understands sarcastic jokes that no kid his age should be able to get.

The way he fires back with his own bit of sarcasm and a twinkle in his eye.

The way he gracefully says "It's okay Casey, you can go first" after his older brother gets in trouble for cutting in front of him in line.

The way hey knows how to make everyone in the family feel special.

The way he'll wait to have a treat or play a game until the whole family is home, never wanting anyone to feel left out. 

The way he somehow knows when I'm feeling flustered, then from the other side of the house he shouts "DAD, you know WHAT? ..........I love you"


That's our Tom -- the caring, wise, old man...running around with underwear on his head. 

He's four today.