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Heirloom Albums // The Cypress Album

This Cypress heirloom wedding album just may be the most beautiful book we've ever had come through the doors of our studio. The attention to detail and the hand-crafted quality is amazing! Check out the photos below to see what we mean. Cypress-Wedding-Album-1 Cypress-Wedding-Album-02 Cypress-Wedding-Album-03 Cypress-Wedding-Album-04 Cypress-Wedding-Album-05 Cypress-Wedding-Album-06 Cypress-Wedding-Album-07 Cypress-Wedding-Album-08 Cypress-Wedding-Album-09 Cypress-Wedding-Album-10 Cypress-Wedding-Album-11 Cypress-Wedding-Album-12 Cypress-Wedding-Album-13 Cypress-Wedding-Album-14 Cypress-Wedding-Album-15

Gorgeous, isn't it? This particular album is a 10.25x10.25 size with a Hazelnut cover, Blue-Grey Swiss ribbon, library binding, natural pages and a 3x3 cover photo.

If you're interested in creating a family heirloom like this one, give us a shout using our connect page.

It's going to be difficult, handing this beauty over to Tracy and Shaun. Maybe we'll just keep it ;)