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The E-Session || Jen and Steve's Edmonton Engagement Session

These two are great. They've got something truly special going on; like when you're around them you just know these two are meant for one an other - like they had to find each other. You get the sense very quickly that they are both awesome people in their own right, but together I really feel that they bring the best out of each other. It's a hard thing to explain (especially typed out on a blog), but I'm sure their friends and family know exactly what I'm talking about.

So as you can probably tell from my oddly deep (and pretty vague) description of these two, we couldn't have been more excited to shoot their e-session this past weekend!  Have a look at some shots we took along side the lovely Edmonton river valley.

Make sure to check out the blog in July for some shots from their wedding!

Have a good Tuesday, everyone! :)

The E-Session - Meghan and Mike!

Rain? Yes? No? It seems like in Edmonton a person is liable to get drenched if they spend more than 15 minutes outside lately! Well the rain managed to hold off for our really fun session with Meghan and Mike in the river valley.

The session began with a couple photos of the two of them and their cute dog Max. At 14 years old ( I think I got his age right) he's blind and deaf and such a trooper! When he's on the ground in an unfamiliar place, he was understandably a little skittish, but as soon as he was in the arms of Mike and Meghan he was so happy and relaxed. He loves his mom and dad :)

Awesome dress hey? Meghan looked totally stunning!

The rain showed up a little at the end of the session, but when you've got a big ol umbrella... who cares right?

Thanks again for the fun evening Meghan and Mike! We'll be shooting their wedding in only a few short weeks so check back soon!

The E-Session - Desiree and Adam

We've been meaning to go to this particular spot for over a year now! It's kind of hard to get to and not exactly open to the public...yet, but it's such a cool place that we knew when we found just the right couple, we had to use it! Desiree and Adam were game and totally rocked this e-session. Check it out!

Adam and Desiree's wedding is coming up at the end of August and we can't wait to photograph all the wedding day goodness. Check back here the first week of September for the blog post!

The E-Session - Amber and Darryl!

This last week has been one of the busiest of the entire year and one that we were really looking forward to because of the really cool weddings, speaking engagements (at the Love Story Wedding Expo) and E-Sessions like this next one. We're SO glad the weather has shaped up recently and it was pretty darn near perfect for Amber and Darryl's E-Session in the Edmonton river valley. Check'em out!

Watch out for their wedding photos, coming at the end of November!