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Albums // Amber and Robs Heirloom Wedding Album

The culmination of all the work, the emotions and love that went into Amber and Rob's beautiful wedding. The crescendo. The heirloom that will be pased from generation to generation. This is what the future holds. 

Here is Amber and Rob's wedding album and what a gorgeous one it is!

Designed by Beth, then bound in New York using traditional book binding methods, this book is covered in a natural linen which is one of our favourites! 

The Heirloom Album // Dan and Lindsay's Cypress Album

The heirloom album. There is no better way to share the story of your wedding day than a beautifully designed heirloom album. I said it. It's on the internet. So it must be true! In this case, it actually is.

Here's Daniel and Lindsay's album, fresh from California! This is a 10"x10" Cypress Album that was custom designed by Beth, then built by hand by the wonderful folks at Cypress.

Cypress-Albums-01 Cypress-Albums-02 Cypress-Albums-03 Cypress-Albums-04 Cypress-Albums-05 Cypress-Albums-06 Cypress-Albums-07


Aren't they gorgeous? This one is a 10"x10" Whistler Book with grey book cloth. For more info on our wedding albums feel free to drop us a line using the Connect page above.


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More New Wedding albums! Beautiful, Classic, Leather Craftsmen.

Here are two gorgeous Leather Craftsmen albums that showed up at our door this week! They were designed and hand built for Shirley and Doug and we although we're totally excited to get the books to them...we're a little sad we can't keep these albums around :-)
One album is a 10"x10" and the other is a 8"x8" parent album. They are both finished in Leather Craftsmen's incredible Rustique Saddle Leather.
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The print quality is superb!
Of course, the Ryan + Beth stamp of approval
What an incredible keepsake of a wedding day.

A BIG Album For a Big Wedding

So some incredibly awesome wedding albums arrived today from Kiss Wedding Books! These three albums were designed for Saba and Keith's wedding, which had three days of coverage from Beth and myself. There was plenty of story to tell so these albums ended up having 80 pages! They're huge. The shipping weight on the box said 14 pounds...

The white album is a 12"x12", the red parent album is an 8"x8" and the tiny red one is a 4"x4". All three share identical design.

Check them out! If you'd like one of these for your own wedding or portrait session just let us know and we'll hook you up!

This Is What The Future Holds.

There was a great discussion recently about how the current generation of people have never before in history been more photographed. Everyone has a camera on them pretty much all the time, whether it's your camera phone, your point and shoot, or your ten pound monster slr camera (um...that would be me), there's almost never a time when you don't have access to a camera, which is a great thing! But what's interesting is that despite all these billions of images, this generation has so little to show for it. All those shots are locked up on little memory cards or at the back of hard drives that could crash any time. It's said that 99% of these images will stay in digital form forever. Not such a great thing.

Sitting at my Grandparents house, I used to love looking through all the old photos and albums. My family history was right there in front of me, in the photo albums and on the walls, proudly displayed. I'm so looking forward to showing our son Casey these family heirlooms along with our own family story. I wonder though, when Casey grows up and has a family someday, will he be able to do the same? I hope so. Beth and I have made it a huge priority for our family and the couples that we work with to create new family heirlooms that will last for generations. This incredible album from Leather Craftsmen is a great example of that.

This photo puts a smile on my face EVERY time! This album is so perfect.

On this inside front and back covers it's lined with stunning "Teal Cork" and the Ryan + Beth stamp of approval.

These albums have a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee.

Being two years old...right now Casey is just happy with the bubble wrap :-)

Here's the specs for the album: 12"x12", 66 pages, "Thin White Pages", covered with Marine Japanese Book Cloth, Teal Cork end sheets, a 4"x6" inset cover photo, and black "Modern" imprinting on the cover and spine. Whew! Leather Craftsmen was so great through the entire ordering process and we can't thank them enough for all their hard work and attention to detail.

If you'd like to see this or any other of our albums just let us know, we'd love to show you!