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So apparently I've started nesting... not the all out crazy organizing kind of nesting, of course that will come. Its more the buying cute baby things and being a homemaker kind. Two weeks ago I started a Wilton cake decorating class here in Spruce Grove, and so far I'm loving it! Its lots of fun and so much easier than you might think. So when you look at my finished cake you can think I am pretty talented if you want, but really they teach you the fool proof methods of decorating. Lets go with the talented one!

As for the buying cute things... I found these adorable boots on, then I found out that the seller was from the Edmonton area! I love to be able to shop local, its so much more convenient and we met up so I didn't have to pay for shipping! I met with Ashley from Nesting Sticks on Saturday and  I really just couldn't help myself. I was just going to get the boots...

But really how could I resist a cute visor hat?

Doesn't it all look so adorable together :) She even threw in a soother clip!

Thanks Ashley for meeting me and for all your hard work. I can't wait to try it on the baby!