The Big Day : Amber and Darryl's Edmonton Wedding!

Well, this past Saturday was our first official winter wedding (since last winter anyways) and it was a blast! We were blown away by pretty much everything Amber and Darryl put together for their wedding, the venues, the food, the people, it was such an awesome day. What we liked most was that no matter how incredible the surroundings were, Amber and Darryl couldn't keep their eye's off each other the whole day, I know that sounds like a cheesy line, but it was absolutely true. Check out some shots!

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The wedding ceremony took place at the Citadel Theatre here in Edmonton. What a cool venue for a wedding!

Does it get any cuter than this? No, no it does not.

These next two shots were taken about 2 minutes after the ceremony finished. There were people everywhere, lots of excitement all around and in the midst of all that, Amber and Darryl look like they are the only two people in the building.

After a total of about 5 minutes outside, we all unanimously decided to take things back indoors :-) Oh and it was NOT our idea for those girls to take their jackets off! Brrrr

The reception was at the Sutton Place Hotel in Downtown Edmonton. It was out first time shooing a reception there and wow, we were impressed!

Ya that's right kids, that's an ice cream cake!


Congrats Amber and Darryl!