The Big Day - Bana and Brian's Edmonton Wedding!

We first ran into Bana while shooting Natalia and Stephens wedding in July. She got to see first hand how we shoot a wedding day and she must have liked what she saw because just a few weeks later, on a hot sunny Friday we shot her wedding as well! Brian and Bana had recently returned from the East Coast where they celebrated wedding ceremony #1 with mostly Brian's side of the family. Now it was time for Bana's culture's and traditions to take centre stage and we were more than happy to photograph it all! Have a look:

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This is a shot from inside the Queen Elizabeth suite at The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald. Totally stunning. It's 2 levels and over 2400 sqft....

I had to get this shot just to try and show how huge this place was.

Strike a pose! Bana was awesome.

We turned the high level bridge into a runway!

This was taken inside the Shaw Conference Centre.

This was our first time photographing a Buddhist wedding ceremony. It was really great to experience it!

Yup, that's a Taj Mahal Cake!

I talked with the lady who built this incredible cake and she said it took 60 hours to complete.....I believe her.

So if you frequent this site regularly, you've probably started to notice that we just about always have some food photos from the reception. This is because well...we're food nerds. The menu was outstanding so we HAD to post some fancy food highlights :-)

This pre-main-course palate cleanser was really cool, and definitely the most creative way we've been served sorbet! The surrounding sphere (orb? I dunno what to call it) was made from ice! You can see it slightly melting onto the spoon.

Our entertainment throughout supper was this incredible thunderstorm! The reception hall was all glass on one side so we had an awesome view.

Thanks for having us Bana and Brian. Congratulations!