The Big Day: Jackie and Ryan's St.Albert Wedding! - Part 1 AND 2

Alright, so we've put both part 1 AND part 2 in the same post! Jackie and Ryan's wedding was really great and it actually reminded us of our own wedding because it was such a small family-and-close-friends affair! It was a beautifully warm day in St.Albert so having an outdoor ceremony was perfect. The spot for the ceremony was a place that we've driven past hundreds of times and never noticed before (we used to live in St.Albert),  it was such a cool location. So have a look at some of the photos and let us know what you think!

Family and friends of Jackie and Ryan can click HERE to be notified when all the photos are ready to view and order.

While everybody was celebrating, Wally decided this was the time to strike! Caught 'em red handed :-)

Love it.

Here's the beginning of Part 2!

There's only one place in St.Albert that could have this many hot sauces and an incredible menu like of our favourite restaurants, The Cajun House!

The reception was mostly just dinner with their friends and family, so no first dance photos folks...incase you were wondering :-)

Thanks again Ryan and Jackie and congratulations!