The Big Day: Keith and Saba's Wedding! Part 3 of 3

Well the first two days were awesome so of course we expected another amazing day and we were not disappointed! We started at Saba's house as she was getting ready to surprise Keith with a white dress (and a gorgeous one at that). You can check out the photos from Day 1 by clicking HERE and Day 2 HERE

Here comes the surprise!!!

He really had no clue that she was going to walk around that corner in a beautiful white dress! Saba is there any outfit you don't look stunning in?

Just for the record, I love Keith's suit. This is Ryan talking by the way haha

Keith hands out a taste of his family's culture (they're from Saskatchewan), chocolates filled with Saskatoon berries! (Delicious by the way! Do you have to go to Saskatoon to get those?)

Thanks Saba and Keith for an amazing three days! Family and friends of Saba and Keith can go HERE to sign up to be notified when all the photos are ready to view and order.