The Big Day: Meghan and Chad in the mountains

We knew we were in for something pretty incredible after about 5 minutes of chatting with Chad and Meghan about their wedding day plans, right about the time when they started talking about needing a permit for the spot they wanted the ceremony to take place - on a hiking trail just outside of Canmore. It sounded like a pretty big job, but everything went off without a hitch and it was beautiful. The morning air was crisp, the sun was shinning, and no bears made a surprise appearance!



It was pretty hot that day so that guys decided to roll up their pants and cool off in a cold mountain stream. Things got a bit out of hand after this. Read on.magchad22

So this next one was shot from the waist up because well... they were'nt wearing pants... magchad23

The proof. They were waist deep in a freezing cold glacial stream! I can't say I wasn't a bit jealous, it was hot out there! magchad24magchad25

More to come!