The Big Day - Ryan + Mel's Vancouver Area Wedding!

Ryan and Mel's wedding was definitely extra special to us, being that Ryan (no, not me) is Beth's cousin! We went out to the coast a bit early and left a bit late so we could visit with friends and family, plus have a little vacation with our two boys, Casey and Tom. The highlight of the entire trip was definitely this incredible wedding and you're about to see why!

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That's a proud Mama right there!

Here's the shots from their "first look"! Mel had to trade in her rock'n heels for some boots for this part because it was a little wet out there :)

Alright... before you look at this next picture, you need to have the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey running though your head... because that's what his intro music was. Awesome.

This was such a cool reception venue! We LOVED all the natural light.

Norwegian Wedding Cake!

There needs to be more bands at weddings. I'm just say'n.

What a beautiful wedding. We have to give a big shout out to Kailey-Michelle fromĀ Pearl Parasol for being a big part of making it all happen!

A HUGE congratulations to Ryan and Mel! We were totally honoured to be your photographers.