The Big Day : Shirley and Doug

We can't say enough about Doug and Shirley. They are both such great people. So genuine and caring and being around two people like that on their wedding day is truly wonderful and it makes us so thankful for having the privilege of doing what we do.  Here's some of our favourite images:

When we went inside to get a couple shots by the fireplace, my first thought was how "classic" it looked. It was a gorgeous backdrop for sure, but we couldn't help playing off the antique theme a little. Hey maybe I'll process all the photos like that from now on! That was VERY much a joke :)

This guy followed us around with that thing all day. Just kidding...again.

If you know Beth and myself, you know that we are HUGE food nerds, so being treated to a multi-course dinner at the Fairmont in Edmonton is always a highlight! Yummm

Such a great day! Congrats Shirley and Doug. Family and friends can be notified when all the photos are ready to view and order by clicking HERE.