The Fast and the Frostbitten...So clever, I know.

So for fun last Sunday I dragged our camera gear out onto a frozen lake that I have never seen nor heard of before (probably because it was sandwiched between a couple farmers fields south of Stony Plain) and got some shots of a really fun ice racing event put on by the Northern Albert Sports Car Club. It was cold, it was fun, there were cars flying everywhere. Plus, a couple of shots I took made it into the Stony Plain and Spruce Grove newspapers! So if you pick up a copy of the Friday, January 22 edition of the Stony Plain Reporter or the Spruce Grove Examiner and flip it on over to page 20 you'll see this:


Here's a couple shots right off our computer




I took a bit of video while I was out there to(although I'm not exactly a great videographer, which I'm sure you'll notice). Check out this quick clip and watch the left hand side of the screen for a crazy rollover!

Ice Racing NASCC January 17 2010 from Ryan + Beth Photographers on Vimeo.