The Full Circle || A Wedding Photography Workshop! - Location, location, location

We're SO excited to see and share with you how this years Full Circle Workshops have come together! From the start, we've been certain of a few things, like who the wedding planner/stylist would be (more on her later!) as well as the incredible florist (more on her later as well, woot), so the bar has been set high and we knew we needed the perfect venue to match. So we're pleased to announce that this years Full Circle Wedding Workshops will be held in a gorgeous 1914 character home, two minutes from the Edmonton river valley!

Yup, it's our new home! Our little family just moved in a little over a month ago and we're pumped to invite our workshop attendees in to see first hand where we have our meetings, where we edit images and how we balance work and home life. This is where we'll be teaching the classroom section of the weekend and it's also where our bride and groom will get ready for their lovely mock-wedding. Stay tuned for more announcements!

Have a great week everyone!

PS: all of these images were taken with beautiful medium format Fuji 400H film and a Mamiya 645AFD