WORKSHOPS // The Full Circle - The Photos!

Wow it's been a ker-azy couple of months! We have so many photos to show you from some incredible weddings, engagement shoots, and yup our workshops! We just got back from a little family holiday on the west coast and we're gearing up for blogging madness. It's going to be photo overload for the next little while.

It's been almost five years since Beth and I took our studio on full time and it's been quite a journey. For me personally I've learned so much about myself not only an artist but also as a husband and a father. On the photography side of things I've gone from just wanting to expand and show off my photo skills (because I'm a gear nerd...) to figuring out what exactly I want to say with this camera in my hands. How can I best tell the story in an authentic way? How do I stay true to my creative vision? What is my creative vision? Heavy stuff. But fun too! These are some of the things we covered before anyone pulled their camera out and started shooting. After a day of in-class learning (in our living room) we then photographed this beautiful mock wedding, which was put together by the incredible Anna Hodge! From the table scape, to the perfect floral arrangements by Fabloomosity, to our awesome models (who are married in real life as well!), this mock wedding could not have gone any better.

One thing we always like to do with inspiration shoots is to create a story line for our make-believe wedding couple. It grounds the shoot and makes sure that everything in the scene, on the table, etc has a purpose for being there. For this one, the groom is a race horse trainer and the bride is a writer. They met at the track and really wanted to incorporate some southern equine elements while including some of the brides favourite inspirational books.

Pretty well all the photos you see below were shot on film, which we love!


We had a great group of photographers! Thank you so much to everyone for coming.

If you're interested in attending our next Full Circle Wedding Photography Workshop, just shoot us an email using our contact form at the top of the page!

Event Designer/Coordinator - Anna Hodge
Florals - Fabloomosity
Hair - Alisha Brown(977 8923) Chatters Salon
Makeup - Melanie Brule (901 1921) Chatters Salon
Jewellery - Forever 21
Grooms Attire - Polo, Zara and H&M