The Heirloom Album // Dan and Lindsay's Cypress Album

The heirloom album. There is no better way to share the story of your wedding day than a beautifully designed heirloom album. I said it. It's on the internet. So it must be true! In this case, it actually is.

Here's Daniel and Lindsay's album, fresh from California! This is a 10"x10" Cypress Album that was custom designed by Beth, then built by hand by the wonderful folks at Cypress.

Cypress-Albums-01 Cypress-Albums-02 Cypress-Albums-03 Cypress-Albums-04 Cypress-Albums-05 Cypress-Albums-06 Cypress-Albums-07


Aren't they gorgeous? This one is a 10"x10" Whistler Book with grey book cloth. For more info on our wedding albums feel free to drop us a line using the Connect page above.


Also, for you photographers out there; preliminary pricing for the Vancouver Full Circle Wedding Workshop ends on January 15th! Click here for more info.