The Kelly Family | 2012 A year on film

I've been trying to write an opener for this post all day...

Apparently I can't sum up what 2012 meant to our family in a nice tidy paragraph or statement. I think back on other "year in review" posts we've written and it seemed rather straight forward! But 2012 was different. I can say this; 2012 was one of the most exciting, challenging, freeing, emotional, and artistically satisfying years of my life and I think I can speak for Beth when I say that as well. It was a big year!

One aspect of it that I will definitely carry into 2013 is how I had a camera on me nearly all the time. Not just any camera, my favourite cameras. All of those cameras happen to shoot film :) Here's a collection of photos taken throughout 2012 of our little family. Enjoy!

Probably one of the biggest things to happen for our family this year was moving into our new house. We've lived in a few houses (and condos) since Beth and I were married 5 years ago, but this is the first place that felt...right. It feels like home.

For the first time our two boys - Casey and Tom - joined us on a destination wedding shoot. Along with my mom, Judy we had a great time in a beautiful location!

Teaching workshops is something we love doing, but over the years we haven't taken many ourselves! This year we changed that and it was instrumental to the way we now think about our business. Here's a couple of wonderful faces you photographers might recognize :)

Spring turned to Summer

Even on holidays I can't help but drag out my 4x5 camera to take a few shots of the interesting people we meet along the way. These were shot on 4x5 instant film.

These next few photos were taken by the ever-so-tanlented Sandy Phimester, who also happens to shoot film :)

A couple of photos from our Full Circle Wedding Photography Workshop!

Summer turned to Fall

A trip to the west coast was in order!

Vancouver Island

I had the incredible opportunity to hang out with Beth's uncle and grandpa on their commercial fishing boat.

Fall turned to Winter

See you in 2013. :)

The Kelly Family (Casey, Tom, Beth and Ryan)