The Spring Portrait Promo!

So as you can see from the last couple posts, we love shooting portrait sessions! Spring time is one of THE BEST times for a portrait session, so we thought we'd entice you a little with a couple perks :-)

If you schedule your portrait session between March 12th and April 3rd 2010 we will include TWO 11"x14" prints on the house!! That's about $120 worth of incredible print work! You can pick whatever date you like from March 22nd until May 27th for the shoot to take place, it just has to be scheduled before April 3rd in order to receive two free prints.

Beth and I have always said that the work we do as photographers is truly meant to be viewed as a print on the wall or in an heirloom album, so we're really excited to provide all our portrait clients who book before April 3rd 2010 with two big prints of their choice that are fully retouched, color corrected to a tee and ready for framing. What's even better is that we are getting these prints done through one of the most incredible print shops in the world, Pictage out of California.

This could be for your family, your kids, for you and your "better half", it's all good! So email us or give us a call to book your spot now!

And because a blog post is no fun without pictures, here's a shot of our little guy Casey playing peek-a-boo :-)


Have an awesome weekend!