Weddings // Dillon and Danielle's Jamaican Wedding

Last month we packed up our film/camera gear and caught a plane to the beautiful island of Jamaica to photograph Dillon and Danielle's wedding day. It was a fantastic week and we loved hanging out with everyone!

By the time we were settled into our room the first day, it had already gotten dark but we just had to get out and start photographing the awesome location. So we may as well start there :).


Jamaica-Wedding-Film-2 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-3 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-4 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-5 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-6 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-7 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-8 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-9Jamaica-Wedding-Film-10 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-11 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-12 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-13 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-14 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-15 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-16 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-17 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-18 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-19 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-20 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-21 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-22 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-23 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-24 Jamaica-Wedding-Film-25

Tech Info: Mamiya 645AFD,  Zeiss Ikon ZM, Canon Elan 7e, Leica M9, Fuji 160S, Fuji 400H, Portra 400, Ilford XP2, scanned by Ryan on a Fuji Frontier SP2500