Weddings // Food Inspiration

We love our job...and not just because it sometimes includes five course meals served by personal chefs -- but it certainly doesn't hurt! At Chris and Steph's wedding (which you'll see here on this blog pretty quickly) they opted for a small, intimate, 15 person wedding, which was such an awesome thing to be a part of. One of the benefits of hosting a smaller number of people is that you can really take certain things to the next level and here Chris and Steph did it with food. They brought in Chef Sheridan, who is not only a fantastic personal chef, but also an accomplished cook book author, so they knew their group of close family and friends would be treated to a fantastic, one of a kind meal. It was the perfect compliment to their beautiful backyard wedding held just outside of Edmonton.  

Personal-Chef-Wedding-1 Personal-Chef-Wedding-02 Personal-Chef-Wedding-03 Personal-Chef-Wedding-04

At this wedding there was a fair amount of food allergies and preferences, which would normally be a bit of a challenge, but by having a personal chef paying close attention to everyones needs, it all went off without a hitch (even for the vegans in the crowd *cough, cough, ahem).

It was a great experience and we definitely recommend looking into personal chefs if you're planning a smaller wedding or engagement party!