Welcome Dan and Dylan to the Ryan+Beth Team!

Beth and I are excited to announce that we're adding two fantastic people to our wedding photography team! Dylan and Dan. Both have actually been a big part of Ryan+Beth Photographers for years now and if you've been following our blog for a while, you'll probably recognize their smiling faces. We'll introduce them below! So why have we added two photographers to our little wolf pack? Over the years we've had lots of great couples contact us who would've loved to have had the look and the experience that Beth and I offer, but we were either booked on their date, or we were out of their price range. With Dylan and Dan available as an associate photography duo, it opens up new opportunities for couples to have awesome wedding photography that fits their budget and the date of their choice! Pretty cool.

Meet Dylan


*I had to put in a shot of Dylan and Mel...because they're too dang cute together.

He's been shooting along side Beth and myself for nearly four years. Besides being our right hand man, he's also personally photographed weddings and portraits here in Edmonton, Las Vegas, New Zealand and even Columbia. Are we jealous?? Pshhh...


If you've been to a wedding that Beth and I have photographed in the last few years, you've probably met Dylan, he's helped photograph most of them! I've always been impressed by his portraiture and 'big picture' shots - those beautiful shots that give a sense of place.

Meet Dan


Where to begin? This guy is a creative powerhouse. His work stops me in my tracks. Dan's photojournalistic style of photography really shines through at weddings and allows him to capture photos that otherwise would have been missed.

Dan has been a part of our studio in some way or another since the beginning. He took the photo of Beth and myself that was proudly displayed at the top of our last website for almost 5 years and he's worked with us at a number of weddings. We were SO excited when him and his then-fiance, Lindsay chose us to photograph their engagement session and wedding day (both of which you can check out on this site). Suffice to say, by now Dan is just as comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind it!

So like Beth and myself, Dylan and Dan work as a team. Having two photographers at a wedding is such a huge benefit for the couple that when thinking about bringing on associate photographers, we never had a doubt about it being a two-photographer team.

Providing naturally beautiful, fine-art-style wedding photos is something that Beth and myself have enjoyed doing for years and now being able to offer this to even more couples is pretty exciting to say the least! Wedding and engagement photography by Dylan and Dan ranges from $2400-$4900 and photography by Beth and myself ranges from $4600-$9500. So no matter what your budget is, you can have gorgeous wedding photos that will stand the test of time.

For any engaged couples out there who are looking for beautiful wedding photos taken by two awesome people, shoot us an email and ask about having Dylan and Dan photograph your big day!

Here's a few samples of Dylan and Dan's work:

Edmonton-Wedding-Photographers-2014edmonton-wedding-photographer-2014-1edmonton-wedding-photographer-2014-3 edmonton-wedding-photographer-2014-4 edmonton-wedding-photographer-2014-5 edmonton-wedding-photographer-2014-6 edmonton-wedding-photographer-2014-7 edmonton-wedding-photographer-2014-8 edmonton-wedding-photographer-2014-9 edmonton-wedding-photographer-2014-10